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The success story of Janssen Cosmetics started with the vision of creating care products that go beyond those products already available on the cosmetics market! Company founder Walther Janssen set out in search of highly efficient active ingredients that go beneath the skin and promise more than the superficial skincare that was the norm until that point. Providing great results right down to the deepest layers of the skin was the challenge faced by Janssen Cosmetics in 1990.

Janssen Cosmetics has succeeded in creating system care products that meet the skin’s diverse needs perfectly. Each cosmeceutical series is based on an active ingredient concept that is perfectly tailored to various skin types and achieves immediate and long lasting skin improvement.

Today, the product range from Janssen Cosmetics includes more than 250 commercial and treatment products. Whether it be deep impact cosmeceutical products, premium luxury care or relaxing wellness rituals.

All products bear the “Made in Germany” quality seal and have been awarded TÜV certification. 

In recent years, it has been awarded many prestigious awards, one of which was being named COMPANY OF THE YEAR in Miami in 2011. Janssen Cosmetics has also won the “Prix de l’Innovation” innovation prize for new products 5 times in a row in the cosmetics capital of Paris.

At Das Spa we collaborate with Turkey’s most prestigious aromatherapy brand for massages, facials, hand & foot care and for the other services which are we need. Homemade Aromatherapy products are prepared by using cold pressed fixed oils, pure essential oils, hydrolates (plant waters), correctly collected plants and cotton fabrics. These products have any additives, any chemical process and they help to protect and maintain healt.

Anubis contributes to an improvement of the welfare and quality of life of society by providing beauty centers, hotels, Spa, Medical-Spa and aesthetic clinics, the most advanced professional beauty treatments in the market. With a high component of innovation and development based on results, and a high response and adaptation capacity that cover the most specific needs of each client.

With 3 decades of experience and a wide range of products with over 200 face and body references that cover all skin needs, Anubis Cosmetics develops highly effective treatments and cosmetic technology, that together with a committed and highly qualified professional team, make it a benchmark in the professional cosmetics sector, positioning it among the leading brands of the market.

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